Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Special Bonds, Special Pieces

One of my all time favorite images to use in pieces of jewelry is the one above. It was was done by a early 1900's postcard artist named Terzi. I think its the fact that it really depicts the wonderful bond, unlike any other that we can have with our pets, that makes this image tug at my heart.

I almost lost one of my Italian Greyhounds about a month ago. Still not sure what happened but the most likely cause of his sudden extreme illness was ingesting something toxic. Haven't a clue as to what that could have been. When he was at his worst, I tried to talk myself into rationalizing that "well, we have to say goodbye to them all someday" to cope with it. But it wasn't until I let it hit full in the face that I could embrace the specialness of that bond.
All the thoughts and memories of the past 12 years of what my special friend had shared with me, and gotten me through began flooding my mind as well as my tear ducts.
Thankfully he pulled through and seems to be totally back to normal.

I think that is why I have enjoyed so much doing the a couple of pieces in the last month that weren't pieces of jewelry but what I call desk art. Miniature pieces measuring just under 3" that can be propped up on a tiny easel.
The first one was an order that a very special lady named Joan in New York ordered for her niece. Joan is in her 80's and not been feeling well for awhile now. Rather than let it get her down she regularly orders pieces for friends and relatives, by sneaking photos of their pups to me. We then work up a piece together to surprise them with. This last piece was to be a piece of "desk art" of the families new labradoodle pup named Murphy. Joan finds embracing the joy of owning a dog and sharing a special piece with the person makes her feel better. I think that is so sweet and really shows what a special person she is.

The next piece a customer ordered for a friend who had recently lost their pug. She wanted a little charm to have by the ashes of her beloved Saidie. I suggested a piece of "desk art" Kendra really liked the idea and below is the result.

I really enjoy making these little depictions of love and being a very minuscule part of that special bond of these wonderful pets and people. I hope I will have more to do in the future as it really makes my day to send one of these pieces out in the mail!

I hope that you embrace the specialness of having a pet in your life,whatever the type or species, and all that they give to us each day.

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