Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where you been hiding?

The first of September. Always an important date to me. Where many people look to January 1st to assess their lives,set goals and make changes,for me its September 1.

There are alot of reasons why. For one,the summer is winding down,although the 90 plus degree days we are having wouldn't let you believe so. I just don't get much done in the summer. The studio/office is on the second floor and sucks in the afternoon heat so it generally leaves me nodding out because it just gets to uncomfortable to be creative.
I guess too that its just my mindset that summer is a time to goof off. Just can't seem to shake that.

So,with those thoughts behind this blog post today,I am getting down to business and will be creating lots of new designs and pieces in the weeks to come.But I have another idea as well!

I would like to start something new with the blog. Something that will intertwine with the ridiculous posts I have always done.
I have met so many interesting people through my jewelry. My customers inspire me and keep me going.
I would love to feature them along the way in this blog.
If you are/have been a tinyart customer,and you have something you would like to share, please email me and let me know.
Whether its what you do for a living, a hobby, a pet,or how you wear your jewelry....whatever it is,drop me a line.
And even if you have never bought a piece but enjoy looking at it...that's OK too!
I would love to feature you!

So just like in the postcard at the beginning of this post...I'm coming out of hiding and I hope you will too. I'd love for you to let me feature you in by blog!
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