Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ruby, don't take your love to town

Well into the New Year and desperately trying to get on with a productive life here.
Priorities set...eyes focused...step by step.
Been on my mind to get familiar with my silly old blog once again and today it hit me right in that part of my brain where thoughts start racing and making no sense to anyone else but me perhaps.

I came across this postcard the other day and just knew it had to be my next post.

The words on the card in case you can't make them out are " We don't want to go to the city".
And I can only imagine why. First guess is that those giant chickens have some very meaty thighs and the man needs some easy cash.
My second thought is that he is some sort of chicken pimp and wants to make these two ladies chicks of the night.
Third guess is they have a phobia of the city. Perhaps the sounds,sights and smells are just too foreign to them.
Fourth guess, they are afraid they will like the city too much and not want to come back to their families. Reminds me of the other day when someone who just opened a Facebook account posted a thought about maybe they would try Farmville. I along with others posted thoughts like" No,please don't..don''ll never come back.",having known those who have tried it as well as other Facebook oddities and are perpetually living in their alternative world.

Whatever the case this image than hit that one particular neuron in my brain that held that held the song from the late 60s made famous by Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, "Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town" Covered by the Killers a few years back in a strange up tempo beat to such a depressing song. Either way not a song I really want reverberating in my head.

Sometimes its best to not wander to far. Like this rabbit I just saw on the video below.
Maybe she didn't want the responsibility of being a mother. Maybe she made her BFF a chicken and didn't want to make her feel left out. Maybe she drank to much one night and gave birth in the wrong place.
What ever the case, she didn't wander to far and things are working out ok.
Really gives new meaning to what I have heard about rabbit tasting like chicken.
But lets all hope that not be the case with these little bunnies. May they have a long and happy life. And that those of you who have set yourself new goals and things to aim for don't wander to far off our paths.

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