Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ooh,ooh,**waves hand*** pick me pick me

So a short little blurb, and I gotta make it quick. Loads of work on my desk, jewelry to ship out, yada yada. Biggest reason to be fast is I am a great indie procrastinator. Thats right. I proudly independently procrastinate all by myself.
And for that very reason, I almost am not going to make the deadline to write a blog about a great little indie radio station. You know the one I am talking about. Come on. Sure you do. Yeah thats the one.

Winning a commercial would be a trip. It says it would be right here.

And it would also be a trip to wear a jammin frog playing a flute pin while dreamin of jammin while winning the commercial.

So I did it. Made it before the deadline came falling down on me. Now I can go back to being an indie procrastinator. All I have to figure out is what task I want to put off next.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Can you grow a bird planting birdseed?

I deviate a bit from my vintage image mania in honor of our fine feathered friends.
Ah,birds. They add so much to our lives. So much wonder, so much joy. Its hard to imagine life without them,isn't it? I often use birds as inspiration for my jewelry. Sometimes bringing out the humorous side of birds.

One popular pair are my lady crow just out of rehab earrings. They look like this:

And the story behind them goes like this:"I know this little lady crow looks so very sweet in her little bonnet hat. But no one knows she just got out of rehab. Its another case of those darn berries. The berries have a hold on her. I remember when I was little the evergreens around my house always got these red berries on them late fall into winter.They looked so yummy but my Mom always said, "Oh,no! People can't eat those. You could get very,very sick."And then she would always go on to tell me how the birds would get drunk off those berries. For some reason it just made me want to try those berries even more.I think this crow has issues and just can't lay off the berries. Maybe a change of environment would do her good."

Funny thing is I sell alot of those earrings. People seem to relate to them. Shows the strong bound that we humans have with birds. But then again maybe they are relating to rehab.

But the truth of the matter is that sometimes you really have to keep an eye on birds. They do have some strange habits. I know this to be a fact. I myself own a couple. One of them, my red lory Cinta, seems to have a fetish for wearing empty toilet paper tubes. No lie. His own little private means of escape I believe. Shutting out the rest of the world. Probably on to something . I've even uncovered the cage some mornings to find him sound asleep on the bottom of the cage with the tube on his head. Guess he has his own way of tying one on.

Still you have to admit it takes intelligence to figure out how to put the thing on his head, don't you think. I had to look up how to spell intelligence by the way.
Their little brains can be mind boggling at times. I think that being called a "bird brain" could actually be a compliment. But then again, after my repeated attempts to squeeze my head in the toilet paper tube, I could have done some permanent damage.

However I do want to offer you some proof positive about the intelligence of birds. Should you care to explore the subject here are a few links for you to enjoy.

1. Caledonian crow who makes tools. Be sure to watch video on link.

2. Bird stealing money from car wash.

3. Bird uses bait to fish.

I really could go on and on, but it just goes to show that birds are to be not only watched, but admired. Probably why I have so many pieces of jewelry that have birds in my shop. So people can look at them everywhere they go. And learn from them.

Of course, I guess they have their moments like most of us. Even though owls, and the word wise seem to go hand in hand, sometimes life gets the best of them too. Here's a final little amusing French clip of an owl who has probably seen better days...or nights.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Crazed Women and Monday Mornings

I decided to cancel my appointment with my trainer at the gym this morning as I woke up very dizzy. I mean like crash back down to the pillow dizzy.
Been sneezing up a storm so I think its allergies or something.

So while taking it easy this morning, I decided to take some time drinking my coffee and do some leisurely reading on the Internet.
Stumbled upon a very nice, interesting blog called Vintage Indie
Had a great post about keeping your kids room clean.

While reading it I suddenly thought about my code red earrings.
These earrings were created on a day when I probably wouldn't be able to be rational about cleaning a kids room. You know the days,please tell me you do.
When the hormones are just a bit out of kilter. Setting fire to the house seems like a great alternative to organizing.

It was on a day like that I created the code red earrings to be worn as a warning signal to those you love to back off. Either back off or deal with a tongue lashing. I used as a basis for these earrings a postcard from the early 1900's featuring a woman dressed as a snake. Or was that a snake dressed as woman.
Its amazing how this hormonal disruption of the universe has influenced several postcards I came across.
Here is one where an actual snake stupidly decided to try and take on a very hormonal woman.

Think this womans hormonal problem is too much tetosterone. Whew,take a trip to the day spa honey. It may do you some good.

The next postcard is, I have to admit a bit disturbing. What animal would do such a thing to a woman?? And what kind of a woman would allow such a thing??

In this case this woman seems a bit to sedate. I suspect foul play is at hand here.
After all would you sit quietly if your lips had just been clamped closed? The poor woman has either been ged or given a lobotomy of some sort. So I think its OK to take the clamp off now.

I offer one final proof that if the woman with the clamp was still a threat due to hormonal imbalance, she would be acting more like the woman below.

Hmmm..woman has hard boots,heavy iron poker,raging hormones.
Man has one bare foot,one socked foot,soft leather belt,seems to be smiling.
Cat seems to be looking at man like " You are a fool,get out while you can still breathe."

So you see,on some days, its just best to wear some code red earrings, hole up in a your own private area, and read blogs about how to be a productive human being.
This will make for a much safer environment for all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tea for Two?

I have always wanted to boast that I am dedicated tea drinker. I don't know why. It just seems such a proper civilized thing to do. Have an afternoon tea.
All those visions of proper people sipping away float in my mind. Pinky held high. And tea always seems to sound so much better for you.
I have gone on my spurts of drinking tea. Usually when I am trying to fight off illness,or just can't seem to warm myself from frigid weather.
But I much prefer the thickness of coffee,the intensity of it.
The smell,richness,ah,yes,the fact that you can properly drive through a Starbucks stressed to the max, and seem civilized to order yet another cup of water brewed intensity.
And I recently came across a few images that back my thinking up of why I for one, will not fall for the deception that proper people drink tea.

For example this woman. What on earth is she so happy about?

This is just not natural. Look at the way she is staring at her cake or whatever she has on her plate. Whatever it is, it seems to be dripping in some sort of chunky frosty which should be enough to wipe that silly grin off her face right then and there.
And the way everything if properly arranged and the pressed clothing. No,no,no.
This is just not right. But wait a minute. That might be a coffee pot on her table and not a tea pot.
I knew it!!! Poser, nothing but a poser. The worst kind of tea drinkers. Not willing to stand up for the watery brew but hide behind the strength of coffee.

Exhibit #2

Whoever created this postcard should have stopped and did us all a favor the minute he whipped out his canvas. This woman just looks evil. I mean who looks like this when they are drinking tea? An evil tea drinker. Who would've thought they would go hand in hand. Tea....evil....nope,never would have thought.

And speaking of hands, there is just something strange about her hands. They are so small. Or is it really that her head is so big?
Could be the effects of drinking to much tea. Its called tea brain bloat which also causes atrophied hands. I knew all that cup and saucer raising and pinking pointing would have its serious side effects.

I will take the liberty to deviate slightly here to add one other hot beverage comment. Hot chocolate. I am not sure where I stand on this. I think that perhaps I haven't really had anyone make me a really good cup of hot chocolate.
But then again,maybe I would rather actually eat my chocolate. Bite it and not sip it. But until I totally decide here is a vintage food poster that makes me lead towards not. No, definetely not going to drink hot chocolate with this clown. Literally.

Need I say more?????

And finally,proof positive that tea drinkers are actually supporting the very uncivilized pratice of tea picking. How anyone could support such an uncivilized practice is beyond me. Yep,its coffee for me. I am sure you will agree after watching this pitiful consequence of the tea drinking industry. Far more serious than tea brain bloat.

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