Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This Blogs for you...or Its a Family affair

I am going to take a step back from the imaginary world I love to live in when I write my blogs or even create my jewelry. Oh,well ok...its just the world I live in all the time. There! I admitted it.

Anyway, my humour always has a way of getting me through things. But I guess I just felt like sharing things from a different angle today.

Have been busy taking care of somethings in relation to one of my grown sons who is schizophrenic. I will spare the details as anyone who is not familiar with mental illness will think that I am back in my imaginary world writing about it.

So let me start out by saying, if you know anyone, I mean anyone, who suffers with mental illness themselves, or has it in their family or group of friends, go hug them. They deserve it and need it. And then go learn all you can about it so you can be a support.

I think its because of all this, I was deeply moved by a little note that a customer wrote on her jewelry order the other day.

She bought the necklace below

And wrote the following little note on her order:

"I love and collect vintage mohair teddy bears~ am expecting my first child, and want this as a celebratory token~"

I can't even tell you how poignant I find that. I often get emails or little notes from my customers about their purchase and they all mean so much to me. But this one...I just feel honored to be a part of this woman's wonderful journey of a new life that will bring her so much joy and happiness.
Maybe I am really giving this silly little necklace that has the tag "believe" on it too much credit, but that's the way it made me feel.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "Thank you for making my day" to this wonderful customer, and thanks to those of you who are my family. You know who you are. Thanks so much for your support and for helping me to above all things to keep "believing".


Moon Katty Studios said...

I am touched by your post. Hugs and humor are truly great mediators between the reality of dealing with mental illness and the side effect of despair that is generated as a result of trying to deal with it. I believe art serves that purpose as well. Thanks for your thoughts today!

Carieann74 said...

It is so true and does mean so much. Believing is what gets us through day by day and gives our lives purpose. Hugs and laughter are such important things we share with eachother to help keep us going especially when someone we love suffers from a mental illness. I also strongly agree that people need to educate themselves and learn about mental illnesses and the effects on the individual and their families. I love you my friend, thank you for sharing.


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