Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A spin on real time

So only a mere two months since I have logged into my blog. Not bad for being comatose.

Have no idea where the time went except that it seems as if there is no time these days.

"Summertime and the living AINT easy" is my tune.

Seems like things always speed up a notch or two as soon as we can start opening the windows around here.

Wonder if it would be great if we could somehow control time. Speed it up when things are boring and slow it down when we really want to savor it longer. Put it into warp speed those bad days so we cannot even absorb them. And then bring it to a crawl when the days are so good we never want it to end.

Put just a little spin to life?

Take for instance this antique postcard. These frogs seem to be in a hurry. But then why don't they just get off the snails? But on the other hand maybe they really just want to experience life at a snails pace. What ever the case thought it was a cute enough to share,besides the fact that it was the only I could come up with that would somewhat congeal with the time theme.

Also wanted to share with you this awesome video called Spin which got me thinking about the whole time thing. And somehow inspired me to get myself a little more in the right gear.
You may have seen it already as it seems to have been up on the net for some time. However, I just came across it. And thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope you do too. If only to have the luxury of this little spin on time.


marjibeth said...

I love this video, your blog (your updates were missed), and jewelry. Thanks for sharing, and I'll be sure to share it all with my friends. (Hayz is not hard to look at!)

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