Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turn up the fire and stay put, you broody hen

We are not even officially a month into winter. So why then does it already feel like eternity?
I really do like many things about winter:
Roaring fires going all the time in the fireplace, pots of soup on the stove, warm cozy sweaters, frosted trees.
I have come to the conclusion though, I may be one of those persons who suffers mentally from lack of sun. We have had so much grey dreariness already, that its amazing that I can still function. But then again.....
I get somewhat agoraphobic at times. Rationalizing yet another reason of why I just can't go here, or there, and just need to stay in.

Is that so bad though? I mean look at the money I save in gas and at the stores.
As far as social gatherings, I just choose them carefully.
And I think that is wise. Why waste your time with people who may just annoy you.
For example, just take a look at this picture below:

Would you really want to be sitting around this table for a good time? The dude in the white tights kicking the greyhound looks to be a real gem. Not to mention he is about to crush the dog under his chair when he comes down with the back legs of it.

And the guy across from him handing the food to the young woman. ****shiver up the spine**** His posture and gaze say it all. The Talking Heads said it best .. "Psycho Killer Qu'est que c'est."

OK, so maybe I am reading into it a bit, but does this look like a warm friendly group? No, it doesn't. There doesn't seem to be one person at this table that would make it worth my time to leave the house. So I rest my case. Sometimes it just better to stay in.

Even chickens know that. I actually don't know much about chickens, but I have a wonderful customer named Tara who raises them. And houses them in the most artistic beautiful housing known to chickendom.

She makes little videos of them, and the one that caught my attention is of her chicken Peaches (who is a salmon favorelle..I have no clue what that means but thanks for sharing Tara) Anyway, I know she can relate to what I feel sometimes. She just doesn't want to get up and go anywhere. Who knew chickens could be so personable.

Which leads me to thinking of a necklace I make that I call "Are you crawling back into your shell or bursting out anew and ready to go" necklace. Yep, that's what I really call it. Check it out below. But just so you know there is no confusion on my part right now. I'm crawling back in,baby. Hibernation,here I come.


Faerie Moon Creations said...

Absolutely AWESOME post!!! I cracked up reading your summary of that painting. What's up with that jerk trying to kick the poor dog? That's one weird painting for sure!
Hope you are enjoying the new year! Theresa :)

~tinyartjewelry~ said...

Theresa, yes thought it was just to strange of a painting myself to pass up. Have yourself a good day and an even better year!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Love the painting commentary! What IS the deal with the dude in the white tites?
The new necklace is gorgeous. I like to think I'm coming out of the shell this year!

~tinyartjewelry~ said...

@Jennifer...hope you come flying out in flying color!

M.M.E. said...

That's an interesting interpretation of Millais's painting. Really the man handing her food is her lover, but her brother (the one kicking the dog) will kill him and bury him. Isabella will dig up his head and put it in a pot where she grows basil.

~tinyartjewelry~ said...

M.M.E...thanks for the info on that. Guess I have the pyscho label on the wrong guy!!
Either way,not a fun place to hang I think. Basil pot??? Ewwwwww.
Take care!

Gwen Buchanan said...

I agree with you.. no place like where you're at... After all it is hard to pick a fight with yourself!!

loved that chicken!!

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