Thursday, February 18, 2010

Will the real Miss Sunshine please stand up?

I received an email today that maybe you've seen. It has many different female celebrity's shown both with and without makeup. If you haven't seen it email me and I'll send it your way. It's quite surprising!

It ends in saying, that you should feel great seeing these woman as they really are, and actually I have to say that I closed the email saying to myself smugly "Well, I ain't so bad after all."
But as the day went on I thought about it again. Whats the point in trying to look good if these women look so bad in "real" life?? I mean whats the point?? Who are we really kidding?? Twisted thinking, I know.
But it does make you think about how much we are affected by what is perceived as "real" in the life around us and whats not.
Maybe its always been a little bit that way.
Take a look at some of these vintage pictures from the 1920's, and you tell me...are these woman really all that they are presented to be?
Example #1:

Quite seriously could this woman really be so happy? I am quite sure those little bow lips are painted on because she just couldn't bring herself to smile. And she is probably wearing the little elf hoodie to hide a really bad hair day.
She just seems to glow with innocence. Who knows though really?? Maybe behind those clasped hands she hides some sort of deadly weapon. I for one just can't trust her.

Example #2:

This woman seems to be just oozing with self confidence. Impeccably groomed.
Maybe she just appears this way as she is actually sat down on the hat before placing it on her head and this is just her way of dealing with the pain of it all. And to think those in her time probably aspired to be just like her.

I do have to admit though that I do need some visual aid some days to get through them. The lack of sun here this winter has had a worse than usual effect on my spirits. Its amazing how when we get a sunny day, my spirits just shoot through the roof. Now that's visual aid for you!Seeing everything in a nice sun shining light. But for those days when the clouds gloom overhead I created the "Miss Susie Sunshine" pin using a vintage image from the 1930's. Pin it on when you feel anything but sunshiny and pretend. Just maybe you'll have a better day.


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I've always felt like a bit of a clown wearing makeup especially lipstick. Love the vintage pictures though. And I LOVE a sunny day!

MOLLYC said...

Wait a minute! I used to look just like that! And now, with foundation, eye shadow, colorstay lipstick, mineral veil, and hair dye, I still do!

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