Friday, April 16, 2010

Sometimes being human just isn't enough

It's great being human, isn't it? I mean when you can remove yourself from the mess humans have made here on planet earth.
I love that fact that we have the ability to rationalize,spiritualize,be logical,methodical,be proactive or complacent and many other abilities to deal with life on a daily basis.
But for me, sometimes it just isn't enough being human. I really need the aid of my dogs, parrots, the big rabbit outside who keeps trying to build nests in my backyard,and the serenade of the songbirds who always manage to sing on key.

I am not sure that I have a favorite animal, but if I had to choose I believe it would have to be a dog. If only because they are the easiest to "take with you" on daily errands,outings and vacations,etc. so that indeed they truly can become a big part of our life.
I recently heard a dog trainer criticizing a client on TV for being to human with her dogs. She was treating them as her children and had a complete wardrobe for them,etc. I understand the gist of what she was saying and agree that dogs need to be trained "as dogs". However, I think it is almost a part of our human nature to give them human qualities..go figure.
And let's face it, humanizing our dogs is big business today. Clothing, jewelry,furniture, you name it, you can buy it for them! So why is this? Quite puzzling really.

It really is nothing new. When I look at vintage and antique artwork it is full of little animals of all sorts being portrayed in human clothing, and carrying on all sorts of human activities.
Bonzo is a good example of that. I am always running across Bonzo postcards and they without fail make me smile. I would love to pretend to be an expert on the history of them and the artist behind Bonzo,George Studdy, but to be honest I am not. So if you would like to learn more about the two of them I will leave that to the real experts. A great website to learn more is Studdy-ing with Bonzo.
In case you have never seen Bonzo, here is an example of a postcard with him. Something about that chubby little belly makes me want to poke at him and hear him giggle just like the Pillsbury doughboy.

Just as Mr Studdy found inspiration in the human side of animals,so I must carry the same gene. As do so many others. I want to give props to a talented artist, Maggie who creates beautiful things out of her love of animals. Check out Maggies Angels when you have the time. It was her tweet on twitter that got suddenly jarred my brain into a blog post. She posted a link to this video which is an absolute blast! Its from Hungary which proves that not only is this great love timeless, but universal. If this doesn't make you smile..well then you just aren't human!


Vonlipi said...

That was an adorable video! It made me laugh out loud alone in my living room!

Carole said...

oh I love the video !!! :)

Marjorie said...

What a fabulous video! The dog beach is my dog's absolute favorite place to be.

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