Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Chillin...its Summertime!

Well I have to admit that I kind of disappeared a bit before the official start of summer here, but you have to understand what its like in these Midwestern states.
Just outside Chicago in the burbs, we wait and wait for the good weather to hit. So the minute it even seems remotely like summer, I'm off! Off duty, off kilter, off track ...I am just plan off!
Been playing a bit of hooky, but honestly, I really don't subscribe to the notion that "summertime, and the living is easy" theory.
Seems like things shoot into high gear with just so much to do!
What does get easier is dressing! I think what I like best is the fact that I can finally go out of the house with tank top,shorts and flip flops. Just throw on a flowing long summer dress and sandals and be off! There is something liberating about it.
I think the vintage postcard of the frogs above says it best.

I have to admit I do enjoy the extra yard work, and watching my garden evolve from year to year. Its still has a way to go but it is a work of labor and love. I love playing with the palettes re gives us and moving or adding plants to get just the right contrast in color or texture.
Today I finished a pin that features a feline gardener who is looking for a new garden to tend.
Its in my etsy shop but here's a sneak peek of it.

If you would like to read about what shes looking for in her new job just go here. She is also attending a party of a very ambitious blogger named Rory who runs the show over at Tools are for Women Too Blog. In her clever way to support fellow etsy sellers she is hosting a party. To crash the party and find out what its all about, simply go here!

Well thats it for today! Time to fire up the grill, sip on a cold beer while cooking dinner. Then perhaps after cleaning up a few more weeds will be pulled before jumping into the pool for a final cool off for the night! Need to savor as much as I can, because it will be gone all too fast! Hope your summer is as enjoyable as mine has been so far!


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