Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Conehead kids experiment as Mushroom heads

I could probably do a whole blog dedicated to the strange mushroom images I find. But instead I am sure I will just be sprinkling it with a good dose of them.

Now I realize that this one here really doesn't appear to be so bizarre, but you just don't realize the history of what is happening here.

You would be quite surprised to find that this was actually an image that was captured of Dan Akroyd and Jan Curtain as young children.

Here we see them doing one of their first skits together,"The Mushroom heads". This was the precursor to the wildly famous "The Coneheads" skits.

However,the only audience they had at the time were their dolls. This caused the two to become discouraged at times being that the dolls didn't laugh very much. Actually, they didn't laugh at all.

What you see here, is one of their lowest points in their practicing. So discouraged in fact that they have turned their backs on each other. Their dolls aren't laughing, they can't agree on their costumes, (big Mushroom cone shape hat, small mushroom hat,why even the dolls are at odds). Not to mention that they are starting to feel very uncomfortable, probably due to the large patch of poison ivy they are sitting in.

Well, they continued to pursue their dreams and the Mushroom heads mutated into the Coneheads. We can see that the large cap won out, and even their little cape like collar stayed. And their hard work really did pay off.

If you have 5 minutes here they are at their finest with the best sidekicks Saturday Night Live ever saw. And by the way, believe it or not, I did make this image into a one of a kind brooch which is now living happily in New Jersey.


jackie said...

Regarding the ill-fated mushroom head experiment...what can I say!!??...the story had such pathos, such poignancy...I laughed, I cried, I found myself practically speechless...and then I found myself snorting my morning cup of coffee from my nose. I think what's wanted is a dollhouse inhabited by the tiny, misshapen and pathetic waifs. Could you possibly arrange that? Also, due to concentration problems and some short-term memory loss I'm being bewitched, bothered and bewildered (AND distracted!)by the images of the tinyartjewelry on the page. I'm afraid I can't stop myself..I must leave to find the sweetie smooch pooch dog puppy earrings, that CRAAAZY Jabberwocky pendant (beware the jub-jub!) and probably the carp,sturgeon or whatever the heck of a fish it is pin....Unless I'm seduced by the doxie wearing a ski hat. Curiouser and curiouser. For now, stay warm...jackiebytheocean

Bumpkin Bears said...

that was such a funny image and great story along with it :) Nice to find your blog over from Indie public. Catherine and the Bumpkin Bears

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