Monday, January 12, 2009

Ready to jump in?

I really can't think of a better way to start this than with this happy little dude.
But then being that I can't read the language of this 1913 postcard, I really can't be sure that this man is truly happy or insane.
So I can only jump into this entertaining rectangle of the past,and see where it will take me.

I take a look at those shoes he is wearing and ooh, I am sorry they are quite frightening.
Mary Jane's I believe, which leads me to the question, "Why are most women's shoes that have a strap across them called Mary Jane's?" Who is this Mary Jane that holds the right to shoes that are suppose to somehow make us all look childlike? Although the effect on this man is sort of disquieting.

Anyway, a man in white tights and Mary Jane's holding on to a chair in the background ( its there, really, look hard) can only have one thing on his mind.

"Let me plant this cute little tush of mine down, and have my honey bring me a cold one."
And look, he even has his hand waving to her, and a come hither look in his eye.

"Yes my dear, bring me a cold one."
But you know, I am just sorry. He put enough effort into gelling his hair up in little spikes at a time when gel wasn't even an option. Amazing how his little cone hat is staying on there too. Some amazing gel I would say. Wish we had that stuff now. I could probably fix a few household items around here. Seems to have gotten some on his clothing, because he has all sorts of strange shaped objects sticking to him.

So the point of all this, he can get his own jolly cold one. I am sure his woman has a lot of scrubbing to do around the house getting his rotten hair gel off of everything.


Marcelo Escobal said...

Weird, really. That's why I love the net. It'll be great if someone could translate the text! Nice blog.

Lacey said...

Nope. This guy is insane, and he wants you to come to a German beer party at a restaurant. I also think he likes pulling bunnies out of hats.

jackie said...

There is only one explanation for this picture's an advertisement for an exclusive shoe klub. Being Mary Jane Shoe purists, we are all aware that the Mary Jane Shoe must be made of leather, a heel no higher than 2 cm., an instep strap closed with a buckle and a roundish toe. (I think I stole that from another blog!!??)The shoes pictured are the epitome of the classic MJ. The man with the magic hat is inviting one and all to a foot fashion show at 8 p.m., on March 13....Photographers and Hosiery salesmen willkommen. Besides, I think he's related to me. So there... greetings and many thanks for the happy blog...jackiebytheocean

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