Thursday, January 22, 2009

Parlez-vous francais???

After a bit of hibernation due to Arctic cold weather and than from a head cold that got its grip on me, I am back to feeling myself again,which isn't always a good thing.
For one the appetite is back. And just what is it about cold winter weather that just makes you want to eat food that hits you deep in your very core? Something warm and lush. Comfort food. And maybe something French thrown in now and then too.

I remember growing up how exotic French cooking seemed. I had a crush on Jacque Pepin at a very young age. Not sure if it was for him or the food.
So not surprising that when I came across some old French food advertisement posters I was intrigued to say the least. But can't say they did anything to set my digestive juices into a frenzy. But the that's another thing.

A couple deserve a quick honorable mention. The first up is one for a French wine.

Nothing like a nice a glass of wine to relax with and make a meal more enjoyable. Being a big fan of French wine, I would be happy to be offered a great big fragrant glass anytime.
Except if it was brought to me by some grinning lunatic riding a very large red crustacean that just happens to be pointing his claws at me. Not to mention the fact that the thing looks downright evil. No matter how much of the stuff you drank, it seems it would be just a little bit hard to unwind with those two on the loose.

Next in line is for a product that may or may not make your mouth water.

Duck Pate. What goes better with Duck Pate than wine?? Oh forgot! Skipping on the wine today. Actually I can't say that I have ever tried duck pate and don't know that I ever will. The thought of it actually makes me a bit ill.
And seeing this ad just solidifies my reasons for not eating paste made out of duck organs.
ITS REVENGE OF THE DUCKS!! This guy is so utterly bloated in his indulgence of the finer things in life, that he doesn't even notice two ducks plotting his demise. Probably the last meal of pate de foie gras that will ever cross his lips.

And now for the Pièce de résistance!

Ok, does anyone else have a problem with a baby smoking a pipe on what seems to be a transparent chair floating in the sky. HELLO??? What is in the pipe????
The French in the ad translates to say that the joy in his life is the baby cornmeal cereal. Seems to me that the joy in his life is whatever this sprout is smoking.
And just where are this kids parents??? Is that even a safe seat to be traveling in?
The other thing that dawned on me is that this kid strikes a uncanny resemblance to,ok at the risk of revealing my age, this kid looks just like Ed Asner.

And come to think of it it didn't Ed smoke a pipe when he was on the Mary Tyler Show??
Did he?? Anyone know??? Because if he did, I think that something much bigger is at play in this ad. Much bigger than all of us.
Somethings in life just can't be explained. Take for instance this final submission of something French and something on a whole different plane. Bon appetit!

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